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Crossing the US-Mexican border with NEXUS

If you have NEXUS, you're also enrolled in Global Entry (GE). GE allows you to use the SENTRI lane, which is similar to NEXUS. GE members, and therefore NEXUS members, are entitled to use the SENTRI crossing when returning to the United States. When using the SENTRI lane, our border crossing time cut down from 4 or so hours to a mere 15 minutes.

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Why you should get NEXUS now!


What is NEXUS? NEXUS is a bilateral immigration and customs program between Canada and the United States. Any person who gets NEXUS is auto-enrolled in Global Entry (but people who register for Global Entry aren’t auto-enrolled in NEXUS.) With this program, you receive a number of benefits: you bypass all lines for customs/immigration at both Canadian and US points of entry, including the US pre-clearance facilities located in Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, and Winnipeg. Moreover, because NEXUS members are also Global Entry members, they have fast-track access to pre-clearance facilities in Aruba, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Shannon, Dublin, and Abu Dhabi. Clearance works by providing your biometric information to a computer system located to the side of immigration, and the system identifies you and clears you automatically. You rarely need to speak to an official, which makes the process of immigration/customs clearance that much easier. Moreover, you receive priority access to a number of security lines (i.e. you use the crew line, or a special line dedicated to NEXUS members), and you’re auto-enrolled in the TSA Pre✓ program

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