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Very Interesting Information About Manufactured Spend at the Mint


I'm currently writing a paper about the Royal Canadian Mint, and in the process of it, I submitted a request for information under the Access to Information Act. While most of the information was blacked out (which I am contesting), I did receive the Mint's policy on bank handling on face-value coins (non-circulation legal tender coins).

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Using the Mint to Meet Minimum Spend


Some credit cards have a “minimum spend,” that is, to get the sign-up bonus, or to reach a bonus tier, you have to spend X amount of $ in Y time to get the bonus. For example, to get the 60,000 MR points offered with the AMEX Platinum card (this is a referral), you have to spend $1000 in 3 months. Business cards typically have much higher minimum spends, and occasionally, we have seen minimum spends reaching $10,000 (was an offer from the RBC Avion Visa).

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