Aeroplan waiving fuel surcharges on Air Canada flights for Elite members (March 1st)

I just got an email concerning changes with Air Canada and Aeroplan. There are a number of significant changes, but the most significant is:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.42.05 PMThis is a major, amazing, and awesome change. This opens up a whole lot of redemption opportunities that make Air Canada redemptions on Aeroplan worthwhile.

Air India bookable on Aeroplan – NO YQ!

Air India has now officially joined the Star Alliance, and as of today, Air India flights are bookable with Aeroplan. Taking a quick peek at the inventory, there is considerable inventory in First and Business class. Even better, Aeroplan is not charging YQ on Air India flights! Normally to get to India from Canada, the most convenient routing was with Lufthansa, which charges a huge YQ fee, or on the direct with United, which was hard to find availability on. With AI joining the circus, we can get to India without paying extraordinary fees!

List of no YQ (fee) routes for Aeroplan bookings

List of no YQ (fee) routes for Aeroplan bookings

This is a list of all international routes that go to Central/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania that are available to Aeroplan members for booking low YQ (fee) award tickets going to either Canada or the USA. This list can be quite helpful when you’re trying to build a low YQ Aeroplan award ticket. To learn more about YQ on Aeroplan and tips on how to built a great award ticket, read: How to Avoid Aeroplan Booking Fees.