WOW! Air Canada Altitude Parental Leave

Air Canada’s frequent flyer program, Altitude, has recently introduced a progressive program for members on parental leave. For either new mums or dads who have documented parental leave from work, Air Canada will allow you to “hold” your elite benefits during the course of that leave, and then extend your status for a minimum of twelve months once you return to work. It’s not clear whether you receive the status benefits during your leave period. The terms and conditions are as follows:

Air Canada Altitude members who are on an extended leave of absence from work in order to spend time caring for/preparing for a child to join their family (including adoption and fostering) will be eligible for an Altitude Status Extension. In order to qualify for an Altitude Status Extension, eligible members will need to provide documentation proving their maternity or paternity leave, along with certification of childbirth, adoption or fostering. Following review, documentation provided will be destroyed. Upon commencing more frequent travel following their leave, the Altitude Status Extension will enable the member to enjoy the same status held prior to going on leave for a minimum of 12 months. Note that Altitude members who hold Altitude status that was granted as a special offer or as part of the “Altitude status for a friend” Select Privilege are not eligible for Altitude Status Extension. Altitude Status Extension is a discretionary benefit, and Air Canada reserves the right to decline an application for, or to change the offer of, an Altitude Status Extension at any time, at its own discretion.

In order to take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to email with your Aeroplan number, proof of your parental leave (I guess a letter from your employer would suffice), and proof of birth/adoption/fostering.

I haven’t heard of anyone engaging this program, but if anyone has, please let me know a little more about how it works and I’ll update the post accordingly. While I’m not a huge fan of Air Canada’s Altitude program, this is a unique and certainly progressive benefit that I’m happy to see.


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