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Very Interesting Information About Manufactured Spend at the Mint


I'm currently writing a paper about the Royal Canadian Mint, and in the process of it, I submitted a request for information under the Access to Information Act. While most of the information was blacked out (which I am contesting), I did receive the Mint's policy on bank handling on face-value coins (non-circulation legal tender coins).

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New Canadian Manufactured Spend Opportunity!?

Update: So I’m testing the card. When you get it, you have to do a mini application which does a soft check on your Equifax. Your initial load has to be in a foreign currency, and has a 2.5% spread. The initial load has to be the equivalent of $CAD 100. After the initial purchase, you can load the card with Canadian Dollars. The address you want the card sent to has to match the card used for the initial purchase.

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