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Air Canada Status Match

Yesterday, after sending the original email in April 2014, I received a status match to Air Canada 50k (Star Gold), using my Air Berlin Gold card.

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Here’s the process:

Email status.match@aircanada.ca the following information: A scan of your competitor’s card, your Aeroplan number, and a screenshot of some sort of Air Canada flight activity that you’ve taken within 1 year on your Aeroplan page.

*When I first sent the email in April 2014, my AB card was active. When I got a re-request email, they asked for a new scan, and at that point, my AB card was inactive. I explained that, and it didn’t seem to be an issue.

**This process took a very long time: 82 days to be exact! Just be patient, and reply with all the information they request, even if it’s a repeat.



  1. Well, I’m going to try this using my CX Gold, since the Dynasty Flyer Match didn’t seem to go anywhere. I’ll update with results!

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