Lifemiles is dead. Long live Lifemiles.

The Lifemiles tricked cities have been fixed. They no longer work. Turkey, Korea, Australia, etc. Dead. All dead. Boomies still work.



    1. Sad news! Lifemiles got me to Japan on the cheap and I was planning on the Turkey next year. Long live Lifemiles indeed.

      1. Please do tell. I have two weeks of vacation to take before end of the year and would love to see if i can make this work

      2. Dang it πŸ™ I was planning to take advantage of the tips you had provided me on your last LifeMiles post but looks like it’s too late…. but I am looking forward to seeing your post regarding boomerangs πŸ™‚

  1. Yes, the boomies will be interesting to read. However may I suggest instead to write and spread the info in the newsletter! Not to say that I’m against that others will learn tricks, but you know that abusing the deal – kills it! I’ve signed up for your newsletter!

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