$198CAD Toronto – NYC on TAM!

TAM airlines, once a Star Alliance carrier and now part of the OneWorld alliance, has starting flying a fifth freedom routing of Toronto YYZ to New York City JFK to Sao Paulo GRU. The Toronto YYZ to New York City JFK route is starting March 29, and can now be booked.

On this route, you’ll get 2 free checked bags, even with an economy fare. It’s currently running at $198 round-trip, substantially cheaper than other carriers. With the free checked bags, this could equate to substantial savings.

Having this TAM flight is great. Not only are fifth freedom flights cool, but this will open up more availability for BA Avios on the YYZ-JFK routes.

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  1. Hi there! I tried to book YYZ to NYC on BA.com, but I got an error when booking. This flight is operated by TAM. I called up BA to book, but the agent said they couldn’t see space available even though I could clearly see it online. Any thoughts as to why this happened and why I can’t book? I also had the same issue booking NYC to YYZ also on TAM.

    1. Just wait a bit. When there are new flights, the online system might have been loaded, but the backend GDS might not have the flights loaded.

      1. Okay, I will wait. I hope you are right since I really want to book those flights. If what you are saying is true about these being new flights and it not being properly loaded yet, how come BA.com was/is showing the TAM flights for the past month or so? I’ve been stalking these flights for a while. Do they generally show what flights are available first (before allowing them to be booked)?

          1. When I called up BA to book, the agent told me they didn’t see the award space, but I clearly saw them online so that is why I want to book online since I see them. The agent said there was no economy award availability so it is odd the agent wasn’t seeing it, but the BA.com site was showing it? Is it typical for BA.com to show phantom award space? So I figure, if I could see them online, maybe I could book them online and be done with? I will call again and see what they say and ask for a supervisor.

  2. I just wanted to give you an update and to thank you for answering me. I ended up calling BA again (on hold for 93 minutes!) and the agent saw the flights and successfully booked the two TAM flights using avios for me! She was telling me it never occurred to her to look at TAM for availability, but she did her thing and saw the flights and booked me! I don’t know why the first agent couldn’t see them when I saw them online. I am very happy right now! Thanks again! (oh yea, one weird thing was that she was seeing a higher tax than what i was seeing online and said maybe the tax was wrong and that’s why i couldn’t book online. she didn’t have an explanation as to why i couldn’t book the flights online, but did waive the fee for me.)

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