Any suggestions?

I’m delighted to have both regular readers from when I started this blog, and the many new readers I’ve gained since joining BoaringArea/Prior2Boarding. I’ve written 140+ posts since last June with very little guidance. Although I get regular feedback from some readers, I don’t always know whether I’m doing something well or poorly.

I would love it for you, the reader, to comment on this post with ANY suggestions. Ideas for posts? Don’t like my layout? Want me to talk more about cats (of course you!)? TELL ME HERE!

By getting some guidance from my readers, I’ll be able to better direct my writing to what you’re interested in. Also, if there have been any nagging issues with my site, it’d be great to know!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. 1) keep balance between real travel stuff and credit card stuff (both are necessary, but try not to tilt too much towards latter)
    2) thorough reviews of various points programs available to canadians, including sweet spots
    3) if using Aeroplan, some tips on booking on low-or-no YQ partners. when they release awards tickets, when, how many, useful routing tips
    4) best ways to use hotel points for Canadians, depending on the program
    5) some non-conventional airline points programs for Canadians. Most know about Alaska. But what about Delta/Cap One. How could that be useful? You can earn them on Westjet, after all, so there’s some appeal.

  2. I like Canadian contents (to stand out from other BA/P2B bloggers anyway), including flight deals, general good Credit Card deals

    Maybe write about how to take advantage MR deals in the USA? I know it’s obvious to book positioning flights and etc, but write out the process is good for all
    e.g. I had to position for the Wideroe error fare, and now Eithad fare

    Or go through a schedule change scenario and how one can “benefit” or respond
    e.g. I just did, with Delta YYZ-ICN mistake fare, and it kind of worked out in my favor having a free connection/stopover in SEA

  3. I agree with the Canadian contents. It’s hard for you to cover a lot as we only have 2 national airlines and 1 international here…. Also manufacturing miles with aeroplan and WJ reward is also great.

  4. Would love to see more posts of how you plan the flights and hotels for each of your trips? Your twitter feed seems to indicate that you go on more trips than what’s posted here ๐Ÿ™‚

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