Anybody having glitches with MBNA?

Recently, MBNA changed their back-end computer system from the original Bank of America software to the TD software. That conversion brought a lot of glitches, especially with online access. However, over the past month, the following has happened:

– My partner had an account that was previously closed re-opened, and charged a fee. It was noted with an old address, so never saw any statements, and the account became delinquent. MBNA said they’d contact the bureaus to fix the issue (still waiting).

– My partner had a mysterious account opened on his bureau, with no activity, and no record of it.

– I’ve received a statement (of $0) for an account that was closed in October 2013.

– I’ve received a notice telling me to update my information on another account closed in 2013.

It looks like MBNA is having some rather serious issues with their new system. Has anybody else had such glitches? Perhaps it’s because I’ve churned so much with MBNA…


  1. I had other issues with MBNA. My paper statement shows a balance of 25000 Alaska points, but nothing in the online dashboard.

    I call them to fix the issue ( still waiting).

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