Hello Boarding Area, Prior2Boarding, and the World!

Hey, you! Yeah, you! You’re wonderful. Did you know that? Of course you did. But *why*? Well, so many things: you’re smart (because you’re reading this), you’re awesome (because you’re reading this), and you are, or will become, an expert in free travel (because you’re reading this)!

My name is Avery, and I’m a law student in Ontario, Canada. I’m in my early 20s, and have visited more than 50 countries, and have spent very little doing so. I’m able to travel a great deal, and typically in first or business class, because I know how to use the credit card and miles system to my advantage. With this blog, I will teach or update you, the wonderful reader, on how to use the Canadian points-and-miles regime to your benefit. You will learn how to travel for close to free.

The Canadian market is different than the USA market. I help fill the knowledge-gap on those differences. Further, I frequently share fare mistakes or otherwise amazing deals that are pertinent to Canadians.

I’m a little different than other blogs. Of course, I want some sort of compensation for my work, so I have credit card referrals. However, I always state, right beside each and every credit card link, whether it’s a referral or not. Please read my credit card referral policy for more information.

In the past, I’ve broken the news about using the Royal Canadian Mint for manufactured spend, some great flight deals, and mistakes with frequent flyer programs. I always try to produce unique content. However, I know many of my readers only follow my blog, so I will also reference the content produced my others. I’m an academic, and as such, I always cite my sources.

I’m excited to continue my blogging journey on Prior2Boarding. I hope you, the wonderful reader, will learn from and enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy producing it.





  1. Congratulations on joining Boarding Area. I’ve enjoyed your blog and have benefitted from your deals – eg. The December Mastercard deal. Had no idea you were the Cdn mint guy! Looking forward to more.

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