A New Year

2014 was a great year for discount travel. There were a number of mistake fares, like the Aeroplan mistake fare where international itineraries were pricing at the domestic level, and cheap fares almost around the world. Banks created extremely generous promotions, like the BMO $400 travel credit + 3 years free. There were many other amazing fare sales and mistakes, and all in all, despite a number of program devaluations, this has been a great year.

However, for flying in general, this has been a very sad year. MH370 disappearedpassengers of MH17 were murdered, and most recently, 162 people have presumably died on Air Asia 8501. Despite how statistically safe air travel is, this year has reminded us how the safety we take for granted can so easily be taken away. My thoughts go out to the friends and family of all those lost in airline tragedies.

Let 2015 be a fruitful year for travel, and that the accidents of 2014 will bring increased safety protocols for safer flying.

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