Great deal: $50 off bookings – hotels, flights, shows, tours, etc.

While planning my upcoming trip to Vegas, I stumbled upon a $50 off $100 booking with coupon. It’s associated with Visa Checkout. You will get $50 off a minimum of $100, on anything but gift cards with Although the promotion says it doesn’t start until tomorrow, it currently works.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.47.49 PM

To use the promotion, click “Visa Checkout” on your shopping cart. If you don’t currently have an account, I would recommend making one with Visa Checkout directly. When I tried to do so on the Visa Checkout link on the website, I got an error. If I went through Visa Checkout directly, it worked.

Once you click through to the final confirmation page, there will be a link to enter the promotion code “Visa Checkout”. So long as you’ve indicated that you’re paying by Visa Checkout, it will knock $50 off your booking.

I’ll be using this for fantastic savings on my upcoming Vegas trip (I actually got my hotels on a recent $100/night off Visa Checkout deal… thank you Visa Checkout for paying for my trip!!).

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