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I’m in Houston… and I missed my flight…

…and it’s totally awesome.

I was flying from Austin to Colorado Springs via Houston, and there was a ground-stop in Houston. I missed my connection to Colorado Springs. For most folks, missing a connection is a horrible experience. Not for this guy! I have an awesome insurance provider. I have $350 to blow on a “meal” which is undefined (contra proferentem for the win!). I’m currently enjoying oysters, chocolate chip cookies, and champagne in Houston, waiting for the next flight. I love it. 

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Canada AMEX Transfer Bonus to BA Avios 1:1.25

It has been a very long time since American Express has had a transfer bonus to one of their frequent flyer program affiliates. However, as of today, American Express Membership Rewards points are transferring at a 1:1.25 ratio to British Airways Avios! This is a 25% bonus on the normal 1:1 transfer.

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Hurry! Lufthansa First Class award inventory available until next September!

Lufthansa First Class award availability doesn’t usually open up until 14 days before departure, and when it does, it’s usually a short-lived glitch. It looks like flights to and from Munich are sporadically available between now and September. I’ve seen it from Washington DC, Vancouver, Montreal, Chicago, and Charlotte. It is bookable using Aeroplan! HURRY!

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1-Year Anniversary


Today marks the one-year anniversary since I started DCTA. I started this blog while studying at a castle in rural England, partially out of boredom, and otherwise to stop answering annoying questions from friends and family (it didn’t work!). I never would have guessed how quickly and how substantially I have succeeded. It took me about six months to join Boarding Area, arguably the largest network of bloggers in this field. Further, I have received coverage on national news, and have transformed points and miles into a full-time company for the summer.

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