Reminder: Best sign-up bonus ever, HURRY! (Canada)

The American Express Platinum (Canada) has just increased the sign-up bonus to 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 in the first three months of ownership. This is an amazing deal! We have never seen such a high sign-up offer on any card in Canada, ever.

The 75,000 Membership Rewards points can be converted 1:1 into Aeroplan and BA Avios (often with a 25% bonus to Avios).


Now, this card has a hefty annual fee of $699, however, in your first year, you will get two $200 travel credits (once per calendar year). This makes the effective first year fee $299. You also get complimentary lounge access, PLUS A GUEST, in any Premium Plaza lounge or Centurion lounge. Further, you get a complimentary Priority Pass, which lets you use hundreds of lounge around the world for free (will actually be using it to get into the lounge in Ponta Delgada this weekend). You also get SPG Gold status, and a number of other benefits. Finally, you get the best travel insurance offered on any card in Canada.

Considering this is such an amazing deal, I would get on it right now. You never know when the deal will be pulled (indeed, American Express has been devaluing a lot lately).

You can only get this deal if you use a referral, and I always appreciate the support of readers when they use my referral link.


  1. I was wondering if you use the travel credit for hotel booking and then cancel later, will the credit to your bill be reversed?

  2. Any thoughts on getting the Biz Platinum instead? No $200 travel credit I see, but not counting the minimum spend, the rest seems the same.

    1. Biz plat is also a good deal! Post-credit on the personal, it’ll cost you $100 more in the end, and has a 5K minimum spend.

      1. Insurance and travel benefits are essentially absent on the business cards however. Learned that the hard way when I damaged a rental car that was on my biz gold after assuming the benefits were the same as the personal card. Not sure how any business owner justifies the biz gold/plat cards on a long-term basis, except to earn MR on business spend.

  3. If we apply in the next few weeks, do you think we get to receive both the 200$ travel credit for 2016 and the one for 2017 ? Any clues on minimal score to apply (is ~700 enough) ? Thanks !

    1. Yes, you will get the $200 for 2016 and 2017 for the first year fee! No clue abotu the minimum score, but it’s very easy to b approved.

      1. Ok, that is great. When I just search it online I see 50,00, and when I use your link it does not show up as part of the promotion listing on that page. I will go ahead and sign up and see what happens.

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