75,000 Bonus for AMEX Business Platinum!

I have covered the fantastic deal the American Express Personal Platinum is currently offering – 75,000 Bonus after $1,000 in spending within three months. The annual fee is $699, but you get two $200 travel credits in your first year (one per calendar year), making your effective fee $299.

However, there’s a concurrent deal that is also amazing: the American Express Business Platinum is offering a 75,000 Bonus (convertible into 75,000 Aeroplan) after spending $5000 in three months. The annual fee is lower at $399, but there are no travel credits. However, you get essentially the same benefits as the personal card.

Source: Americanexpress.com
Source: americanexpress.com

Am I eligible for the card if I don’t run a Business?

The word ‘Business’ is a broad term, and it could be argued that anyone who has ever sold or provided a service in exchange for value has a business. American Express has always seemed to be fine giving their business cards to people with no or little business activity (even a proposed business seems fine). In the business name field, if you are the business, simply put your name down, which acts as a sole-proprietor.

If you get both the business and personal card, you’ll have netted 150,000 bonus points for essentially $698, which is a fantastic deal. You can easily sell the 150,000 points for over a cent a piece (minimum $1,500 back), or they can be converted into 150,000 Aeroplan points. 150,000 Aeroplan points gets you’re a return business class flights to almost anywhere in the world…

Nobody knows how long both of these amazing promotions will last, so I’d jump on them fast.


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