$50 Off Hotel, $100 Minimum Spend, Travelocity


Travelocity has an extremely limited time coupon for $USD 50 off a $USD 100 hotel. The coupon code is ‘BLACKFRIDAY50‘, and you have to use it on their mobile app. You can use it multiple times IF you close the app after making a booking and use a new credit card.

Canadian cards seem to work, so long as you are logged onto the Travelocity.com site (can change setting in app). Enjoy!



    1. Can someone post the terms and conditions? I managed to change to .com site, but the coupon cannot apply to certain travel dates.

  1. I know it is dead, but just in case there is something similar in the future — what do you mean by close the app? I use iOS.

    Thank s

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