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Get ready! Expedia.com 75% Off Select Hotels, $50 off $100 Minimum “Excursions”

DEAD (in seconds… I grabbed a 75% off though ^.^ )

This deal starts at 9AM PST (12PM EST). There’s two notable deals: (1) you’ll get 75% off select hotels (I suspect it will be the same list as the Canadian hotels) when using Expedia’s app, and; (2) $USD 50 off an “excursion” with a minimum price of $USD 100.

For hotel discount, you’ll have to use your app. If you’re abroad, make sure it’s set to “Expedia.com” under your profile. If you have a VPN (like Tunnelbear, which is free), set it to USA. I don’t have the code yet, but check the Expedia deal site exactly at 9AM PST – these deals go FAST! Like the Canadian experience, I suspect if you wanted to book more than one hotel, you’d have to close the app and use a different credit card.

For the excursion deal, same thing – check the deal website when the sale starts for the promo code. Most of the excursions are rubbish, but there are some gems, especially airport limos. 

Here’s the press release:


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