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Expedia Cyber Monday Sale – 50% – 90% Off Hotels (actually)

Expedia starts their Cyber Monday discount at 9AM EST on Expedia.ca, and at 9:00AM PST (12PM EST) on Expedia.com. In Canada, the hotel discount is 50% off, and in the US, it’s 90% off. Unlike most hotel “sales,” Expedia’s Cyber Monday sale is legit. To use both discounts, you have to be logged onto the Expedia app. When searching for the Canadian site, make sure your app is set to Expedia.ca, and when searching for US sales, set to Expedia.com. If you have a VPN on your phone, like the free app Tunnelbear, I’d recommend setting your phone to the applicable sale’s country.

At 9AM EST sharp on Expedia Canada’s website, the required code for 50% off selected hotels is displayed. I recommend having your app already set to the desired hotel and dates, on the page where you input your coupon. This makes it easier to quickly grab a coupon. You can search for the selected hotels on Expedia. The list is quite large, and there are some gems.

Source: Expedia Canada, www.expedia.ca; retried 2016-11-27.
Source: Expedia Canada, www.expedia.ca; retrieved 2016-11-27.

Once booked, if you have time to make another booking before the coupon expires, make sure to close the app, then follow the booking steps again and pay with a different credit card. The system will reject your second booking otherwise. Do this until the Expedia coupon is considered “used.” Traditionally, these sales last only a few seconds. Last Friday, a similar sale lasted for about 15 minutes in Canada, and in the US for about 20 seconds.

In the US, the offer is 90% off. I am going to assume the same hotel list used last Friday will be used again. Again, ensure you have the Expedia app set to Expedia.com, use your VPN if you have, and have searched the desired selected hotel and are ready to quickly input the coupon code. At 9AM PST (12PM EST) sharp, on the US Expedia website, the 90% off code will be available. Type it in the coupon field and complete the booking. Hopefully you will be able to grab an amazing bargain!

Assuming the coupon terms will be similar to Black Friday, the discount is applicable on bookings for prior to March 31, and the maximum discount is $1300 in Canada, and $1000 in the US.

An interesting note: last Friday, the Canadian coupon code was CAFRIDAY50, which was released four hours prior to the US Expedia code. I tried the code FRIDAY50 two minutes before the 9:00AM PST start time, and it worked! May be helpful for Cyber Monday…

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