Is Aeroplan blocking countries now?

Update: this has been fixed

I recently wrote about how Aeroplan is blocking certain airlines, including Swiss and Air China. Airline blocking has been going on for many months now, and Aeroplan recently admitted to the issue in a press release.

Per LoveGlobeTrottin on Flyertalk, Aeroplan is now blocking all redemptions online for any booking that does not involved a point within Canada or the United States. This would be a new rule/block, and I have confirmed it. For example, if I search LHR – JNB as a round-trip, this is what I get:

a white rectangular sign with black text

The same issue occurs if I search SYD – BKK one-way and round-trip;  GRU – JNB, and BRU – LIS. I also get the same error when searching LHR – MEX. However, if I involve any point within Canada or the United States, the results populate as normal. However, if you search ZRH – anywhere as a one-way ticket, including to Canada/USA, the same error occurs. Conveniently, calling into Aeroplan costs $30/passenger over what it costs to book online. I can’t fathom a technical issue that prevents online bookings for non-Canada/USA flights. That doesn’t make sense. At the end of the day, all I can think is that Aeroplan is trying to force customers to call to book their Aeroplan ticket, which can often take hours of hold time and costs more money than it should.

Aeroplan advertises their online booking system as the best means to make bookings, but it appears to be blocking certain types of bookings from being made online. Perhaps this is a desperate response to Aimia’s dramatic loss in value, and an attempt to collect more fees, but regardless, with the airline blocking and what appears to be intentional breakage to charge clients more, Aeroplan is tumbling down a black hole I don’t see it getting out of.


  1. Have you tried calling that number?
    Given that it says “internet redemption” in the message, perhaps it is a different number than the straight to fees call centre one?

  2. Since ACs announcement that they are leaving Aeroplan, it’s even difficult to find flights domestically across the USA and Canada. Last year it was easier! It seems United isn’t releasing seats to Aeroplan either. So disappointed with Aeroplan. Saving up these points and now having a hard time to use them. And if and when you find seats on Aeroplan the fuel surcharges and taxes are a killer!!

  3. On a recent flight redemption (ECN-LYS) I was told that all intra-EU flights now had to be done over the phone for fraud reasons, perhaps they are applying this globally now? I didn’t have to pay the additional fee..

  4. Check out the press release wording: “We appreciate the inconvenience that these disruptions may be causing you”.

    Well of course they appreciate our inconvenience, because it boosts their bottom line. Freudian slip? LOL

  5. I sure hope this isn’t the beginning of the end. I think new devaluations are coming very soon. From increased wait/service times, additional increased service fees, reduced flight options. Would star alliance even consider kicking out AP?

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