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Increased SPG AMEX Sign-Up Bonus (Canada)!

American Express (Canada) has increased the sign-up bonus for both the personal and business variants of the SPG credit cards from 20,000 to 25,000 SPG points. This bonus is available until October 18, 2017.

Both the Personal SPG Credit Card and the Business SPG Credit Card offer 25,000 SPG points after spending $1,500 in three months of card ownership. You can get both credit cards on the same day. For the business card, apply as a sole-proprietor with your name as the personal name, and no business income if there is none – American Express is normally fine with these types of applications.

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SPG AMEX Personal – Source and Copyright: American Express Canada (retrieved 2017-07-08)

Best Use of SPG Points

Since Aeroplan is currently offering a 35% transfer bonus (ending August 21), and you get 5,000 extra transfer points per 20,000 SPG points transferred, your 50,000 points would turn into 81,000 Aeroplan points, which is a great deal. You can also use these points to stay at hundreds of different hotels, including Marriott hotels. With a fifth night free on SPG awards, you could stay five nights at a Category 5 hotel for free, such as the Great Northern Hotel in London, U.K.. This hotel regularly goes for 300GBP/night, so your 50,000 SPG points could easily convert into over $2,500 in value!

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Copyright and Source: GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL (retrieved 2017-07-18)


This is a great promotion, and since SPG will be disappearing soon as it joins with Marriott, this is likely the last and best promotion we’re ever going to see on this card. Since American Express doesn’t seem to be enforcing their once-per-lifetime rule, there’s no reason not to get both cards.

a credit card with a red background
SPG AMEX Business – Source and Copyright: American Express Canada (retrieved 2017-07-08)

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  1. How soon can you re-apply and get approved for this card?
    I applied for this card 3 months ago and been using this card on a daily basis so far and just finished the $1,500 spend for the sign-up bonus.
    Can I cancel the card now and re-apply in Oct and get this offer?

  2. If I previously received the sign-up bonus a couple of years ago, what has been the experience of others receiving the sign-up bonus again? Thanks.

  3. Are the Canadian SPG cards considered different than The American Products? Looks like I signed up for a USA personal and Canadian Personal. (Approved for both)

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