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Shhh… United has a “secret” restaurant!

Well this is good for a laugh… According to a thread on Flyertalk, United has opened a restaurant at Newark airport that provides exclusive service to “specially invited” customers. You can tell the delight their marketing folks had in naming the restaurant:

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Source and Copyright: United Airlines, retrieved from https://classified.united.com/dining/Login

To have the joy and honour of eating here, one has to be specially invited by United. Unfortunately, I’m not of the desirable few. You can check out the restaurant’s login page, however, the system won’t let you view the website’s content unless your United Mileage Plus number was targeted for an invite. You can however request an invite if you were not targeted. Oh boy, I so want to have the privilege of being allowed to give money to United Airlines for their delicious food!

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According to those who were invited, the restaurant isn’t cheap, having $100+ steaks. Truthfully, the design of the restaurant looks nice, though the decision to use iPad ordering does seem fitting for a carrier like United trying to be classy.

a restaurant with tables and chairs
Source: limey1K on Flyertalk / Copyright: United Airlines
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Source: limey1K on Flyertalk / Copyright: United Airlines

This is kind of desperate. My guess is that this was the project of someone at marketing with too much power and little foresight. United doesn’t have the service culture to build and maintain any quality product, and this kitschy marketing gimmick will do nothing but create resentment against an already despised airline that will negatively outweigh any slight revenue gain from the restaurant or consumer loyalty. That being said, any readers who received an invite?


  1. They should try treating their passengers better, work out their scheduling issues, and improve cabin conditions.

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