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HURRY! AMEX Business Platinum Fee Increase to $499 and Minimum Spend to $50,000 Tomorrow!

UPDATE #2: Cost is up. Looks like minimum spend didn’t go up. Card now includes a better version of Priority Pass.

UPDATE: Some applications (French) are already showing the increased $499 fee. The application on this page does not currently. The increase in minimum spend may not be correct – we should know more shortly.

According to Reddit, the American Express Business Platinum card’s annual fee will go up from $399 to $499 tomorrow. Further, the sign-up offer, which is currently 75,000 points for $5,000 of spend within three months, will go up to $50,000!

a close-up of a credit card
Source: American Express Canada

This is the largest sign-up bonus in Canada. 75,000 AMEX points converts instantly to 75,000 Aeroplan points, which is enough for a round-trip ticket in coach to Eastern Europe, or a one-way Business Class ticket to Asia.

If the minimum spend requirement goes to $50,000, this card essentially becomes worthless to the average credit card churner.

You can open a business credit card even though you don’t operate a business – you can apply as a sole proprietorship using your full name as the business name.

This is the best credit card deal in Canada, and you may need to apply today to qualify. 

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    1. The link did not work from my mobile device, but it is working from my computer. The annual fee increased to $499 and the points signup bonus is still 75K.

  1. The $7000 minimum spend has been in place for referred cards for some time now (I noticed it last month). So it is pick-your-poison catch: 40k sign up bonus for $5k spend, or higher 60k for 7k spend. This is not new. The only news is an increase in annual fee, which was expected being that improved Priority Pass has been offered since March/April.

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