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$15 Off ANY Flight (Including One-Ways)

Per deal_with_singh of RedFlagDeals, Flight Network, a large online travel agency, is offering a coupon for $CAD 15 off any flight, including one-way tickets. This can be a decent discount off short-haul travel, like between Toronto and Montreal.

After searching for a flight on Flight Network and selecting your preferred itinerary, enter in the “Promo Code” field “KCC15” This will discount $CAD 15 from your ticket.

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Flight Network generally has the best-available rates for flights. On a round-trip ticket between Toronto and Ottawa, booked as two one-ways with the coupon, you save $30, or about 14% of the normal ticket cost. It’s uncommon to get that kind of discount on a low-fare ticket.


  1. as a warning to others, they charge 50 cancellation fees even if you are in the usa and within the 24hr grace period. i fly to canada frequently and mispelled a friends name on a ticket and tried to correct in within 6hrs of booking. moral of story is trying to save 15 cost me 50. never again

  2. I tried the coupon KCC15 on the flight network. The coupon look liked it worked and took $15 off a one way ticket however my credit card was charged $15 more then flight newtork receipt said they charge? Is there a dealy in receiving the $15 rebate? Anyone else have this issue? Should I call Flight Network? I didn’t actually get the coupon, I just used the one that you had posted KCC15

  3. Credit card charge is the full price, and $15 CAD refund should be issued shortly thereafter. Receipt shows the discount and indicate that the $15 CAD will be a refund in 2-3 days.

    But I did have another issue. Used KCC15 on two flights, and both receipts show the discount. Checked credit card statement a week later and only one discount was refunded.

    Tried to use KCC15 again today, but only KCC10 (10% discount) worked despite clearing cookies. Looks like they may have retired KCC15 before the March 31 expiration.

  4. @mcdullhk88 I had the same issue. On my second booking I did receive the $15 about 2 or 3 days after, but on the first booking I never did receive the $15 credit.

    Also note: I booked Westjet and was also able to earn WestJet dollars ($1) on each of the one ways I booked.

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