How to check flight coupons and tickets

How to check flight coupons and tickets

A flight booking is a complicated thing. There are multiple parts, and all parts have to be in sync with each other for you to be able to board your flight. There is: a booking (your PNR), tickets, and; flight coupons. It’s usually quite easy to check your booking by using your reference number on the carrier’s website. However, checking the tickets and flights coupons is a harder task.

Great deal: $50 off bookings – hotels, flights, shows, tours, etc.

While planning my upcoming trip to Vegas, I stumbled upon a $50 off $100 booking with coupon. It’s associated with Visa Checkout. You will get $50 off a minimum of $100, on anything but gift cards with Although the promotion says it doesn’t start until tomorrow, it currently works.

Avoid credit card fees with Jetstar

I was booking a flight between Hobart HBA and Melbourne MEL on Jetstar, a popular Australian and Asian discount carrier. As I was going through the booking process on, they were trying to charge me $8.50AUD per passenger for the pleasure of using my credit card. Credit card fees are uncommon in North America, however in Australia, they’re the norm, with most retailers charging a percentage fee for using your credit card. Although there’s no fee for using a debit card to pay, my Canadian debit card wasn’t eligible for their payment service. If I booked on an online travel agent, the cost was substantially more.