Credit Cards

This post covers the best deals in the Canadian credit card market. As always, I want to give you readers the best available deals.* If I’m missing something, or you know about a better deal, please email me at

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“Enhancement” – Aeroplan Change/Refund Fees (hint: it sucks)

For many years, Aeroplan charged $90+tax per person for any change or refund to an Aeroplan ticket. This fee applied without regard to the significance of the change – any change came with that fee. For refunds within 22 days before departure, the fee was $90+tax to change the booking to a trip outside 22 days, and an additional $90 to refund that ticket.

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Best Sign-Up Bonuses in Canada

If you got all three cards (very easy to do), you’ll 140,000 points fee $399 in fees, which is enough to go almost anywhere in the world in Business, or enough for two round-trips to Europe in Economy (with points remaining).

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Air China Bookable With Aeroplan!

Air China releases an immense number of award seats, including First Class in abundance. While every Star Alliance frequent flyer program, including Aeroplan, should be able to book those Air China award seats, Aeroplan has purposefully blocked all Air China seats for quite a while. As of today, it looks like Aeroplan can now book Air China awards (again)! This is great, especially considering Air China flies to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and there are no fuel surcharges when using Aeroplan. Note that the flight between Montreal and Havana cannot be booked.

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Is this the best video ever? IHG Best Rate Guarantee Staff Video <3

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Left without comment 🙂 (by the way, they have a whole series on the link below)

Source: PHLRO Customer Care, online:

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