Credit Cards

This post covers the best deals in the Canadian credit card market. As always, I want to give you readers the best available deals.* If I’m missing something, or you know about a better deal, please email me at

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Is this the best video ever? IHG Best Rate Guarantee Staff Video <3

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Left without comment 🙂 (by the way, they have a whole series on the link below)

Source: PHLRO Customer Care, online:

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3 Nights at Aria (Vegas) for $USD 38 + 125 Food and Beverage Credit! (Aug 30 – Sep 2)

Just playing around tonight, and found that the Aria in Las Vegas has a rate of $29/night for Aug 30 – Sep 2. This includes a $125 food/beverage credit. Now, if you book on Orbitz using the promo code MASTERCARD150 through their hotel+flight option, leaving from Chicago Aug 30 – Sep 2, your final price will come to $38 for the three nights. You enter the promo code at the end, under the heading “how would you like to pay?” You don’t need to fly the flights (though it’s that much better if from Chicago!). Can include flight from whatever city you want, but you’ll pay for it.

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Does AMEX (Canada) use Equifax now?

Since forever and ever (well, my recent memory, which is admittedly short), American Express Canada has always pulled Transunion when making a credit decision. This kind of sucked, because most other valuable Canadian creditors also pull Transunion, and this made the case of having excessive credit checks all too common.

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New Canadian Manufactured Spend Opportunity!?

Update: So I’m testing the card. When you get it, you have to do a mini application which does a soft check on your Equifax. Your initial load has to be in a foreign currency, and has a 2.5% spread. The initial load has to be the equivalent of $CAD 100. After the initial purchase, you can load the card with Canadian Dollars. The address you want the card sent to has to match the card used for the initial purchase.

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