Chase Canada Closing All Credit Cards March 15

Update (Jan 15, 2018): Chase will also close all Marriott Visa cards in Canada on March 15, 2018.

Chase Canada has been leaving the consumer credit market, having sold most of their portfolio to Scotiabank and ending applications for the Marriott Rewards and credit cards. Unfortunately, as of March 15, 2018, all credit cards will be closed. 

Considering Chase no longer accepts applications for any credit products in Canada, I think it’s only a matter of time until Marriott accounts are also closed.

The credit card was fantastic, giving you 1% cash-back and no foreign exchange fees (compared to the 2-2.5% charged by most banks). While there are new entrants to the market with similar benefits (Rogers/Fido MasterCard/Home Trust Visa), the card was by far the most flexible and easy to use.

If you hold the card, I would recommend proactively closing your account prior to March 15, 2018. If the bank closes your account, it will likely show on your credit bureau as “closed by creditor.” If you close it proactively, it will show as “closed by consumer.”

Goodnight, sweet prince. You’ll be missed.



  1. I just called Chase Canada and learned that the Marriott Visa cards are also being cancelled on the same date – March 15th. I’m leaving for Europe in a couple of weeks so this is really annoying being given such short notice. I’ll need to scramble to find an alternative.

  2. The notice said, “upon closure of our Marriott Rewards Visa Card account you will be awarded your anniversary Free Night…” If we call to close the account ourselves, do we still get the free night or is the free night only after they close it?

  3. Should I actually cancel the card myself? I’ve never seen this written before and always let the company close the account. Seems silly that it would negatively affect my credit score if they’re the ones deciding to close the account.

    • I wondered this too, and I’m not a Rogers customer, so their $29-a-year Platinum Mastercard didn’t appeal to me at first, but then a friend pointed out that in the fine print it says you can have the points credited to your account in January, as long as you call before December 1st. Not bad considering you get 1.75% back on all purchases. There is technically a 2.5%foreign fee, but you get 4% back on foreign purchases, meaning you’d actually be getting 1.5% back. You’d pay the yearly fee after spending $1,700 on it at 1.75% back.

      The other option is the Home Trust Preferred Visa. $0 fee, 1% back on everything, no foreign conversion fee. You also get roadside assistance included, but only 5km local towing. You also get credited in January, so out of the two, the Rogers one is more appealing to me.

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