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Top Three Tips for Points and Miles


Everyone must start somewhere. The points and miles game is learned, not something innately understood. Yes, some people are wired in a way that helps them navigate the complexities of ‘where to credit’ and ‘this can be tricked’, but even they need to learn the basics. The following three tips, while lengthy, provide some important insight beyond “the deals” and are helpful to understand what you’re getting yourself into when entering this hobby.

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Proof of onward travel?

My partner recently traveled on Cathay Pacific from Toronto to Denpasar via Hong Kong on a Canadian passport. At the check-in desk, the agent demanded proof of onward travel from Bali. While we had something booked, all that information was with me and not with him (he was traveling alone). The agent said “you are not traveling today.” At this point it was nighttime where I was, and he couldn’t get a hold of me and was scrambling what to do. This article will explain the requirement for proof of onward travel, and what to do if you encounter a problem with it, and help you avoid being denied boarding.

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Should I get a refund (AAdvantage Redeposit Fee)?

A while ago, I booked a flight from Toronto – Chicago – Hong Kong – Denpasar on American and Cathay respectively, using AAdvantage miles. Everything was booked in Business. A couple months later, the Toronto – Chicago flight was downgraded to Economy, as there was an aircraft swap to an airplane without Business. American could not put me in Business that day.

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Mistake Fares and the Law: An Academic Publication

Everyone loves to get a great deal, but when is a deal a mistake? How do mistake fares occur? What is the law regarding mistake fares in Canada and the United States? This paper, written by me, just published by the McGill University Annals of Air and Space Law (Volume XL, 2015), titled “Mistake Fares in Canada and the United States” is now available for public viewing on SSRN for free.

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