You Can Now See Your Partner PNRs on Aeroplan

Whenever a booking is made with Aeroplan, a record locator, or ‘PNR’ is generated for your booking. Historically, Aeroplan only ever provided their PNR (which is the same PNR as with Air Canada). However, you are unable to use the Aeroplan PNR to select seats or view your reservation with non-Air Canada carriers. You were required to call Aeroplan, Air Canada, or the operating carrier to get this information.

Accessing Partner Record Locators

Per philelite’s report on Flyertalk, you are now able to view partner PNRs on the Aeroplan website. To do so, follow these steps:

(1) Login to Aeroplan account;

(2) Click ‘Manage Your Rewards’ under ‘Your Aeroplan’;

(3) Identify your booking, and click ‘Seat Selection’ and your partner PNRs will appear:

a screenshot of a web page

Using the provided PNRs you can select seats with the partner carrier, check-in, etc. Note that some carriers use the same reservations management systems (‘GDS’) and will share the same PNR. Therefore, if you see the same PNR for two or more carriers, there’s nothing to worry about.

This is a welcome enhancement for Aeroplan, since it will make trip planning go rather quicker by eliminating the need to call for partner PNRs.


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