World Elite


HSBC World Elite Mastercard: New and Improved Offer

Recently HSBC updated the welcome bonus for its World Elite Mastercard. We are happy to report that HSBC has improved its offer. The card remains first-year-free (FYF) and the total number of points you can earn in the first 90 days stays the same, but rate at which you can earn those points has dramatically increased, improving the odds that you will actually get the full benefit of the bonus. Overall, this is a great offer for a solid travel card.

Great deal: NBC World Elite Mastercard, up to $700 sign-up, FYF

National Bank is rarely on my radar, except perhaps for their wacky credit card promotions. This time, however, National Bank has a legitimately awesome promotion. The NBC World Elite Mastercard [this is not a referral] is offering $450 worth in points as a sign-up bonus (20,000 points on activation, 10,000 on anniversary). Further, the card has an annual reimbursement scheme of up to $250 for airport parking, seat selection, and baggage fees. Best of all, the annual fee of $150 is waived for the first year.

BMO Honouring 40K Credit Card Offer

In early December, I posted about a promotion for the BMO World Elite MasterCard, where BMO would give 3-years fee-free, $400 travel credit (40k points), and donate $400 to the Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival (for the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation). This promotion was targeted for high-end donors to the festival, but BMO made the sign-up link public.