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Air Canada Status Match


Here's the process:

Email the following information: A scan of your competitor's card, your Aeroplan number, and a screenshot of some sort of Air Canada flight activity that you've taken within 1 year on your Aeroplan page.

*When I first sent the email in April 2014, my AB card was active. When I got a re-request email, they asked for a new scan, and at that point, my AB card was inactive. I explained that, and it didn't seem to be an issue.

**This process took a very long time: 82 days to be exact! Just be patient, and reply with all the information they request, even if it's a repeat.

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I just got Status Matched to China Airlines!

Status matching is the process by which an individual who already has airline status, usually with one of the three major alliances (Star Alliance, OneWorld, and Skyteam), presents that status to another airline, and the other airline provides the passenger with equivalent status in their program.

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